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"Built Green" Certification

The BC Building Code is getting greener and TB Contractors is embracing the many changes that are coming.  New construction and renovations in B.C. are subject to new regulations which are aimed at lowering energy and water use.  TB Contractors is in the process of becoming certified to “Built Green”.  We believe that not only building green has huge advantages to the customer but also has huge implications to our environment.  TB Contractors is dedicated to doing what it can to save the environment as well as give our customers a home that is not only beautiful but one that meets the needs of the future. 

The BC Government is determined to see major changes in the way we build.  Their goal is that by 2020 every new house built will be net zero.  This means that the house will produce as much energy as it uses.  Many of these changes will provide challenges to builders as well as designers and building officials.

Don Tilling and TB Contractors are preparing for these changes.  They see the changes as a must in order to BC to do its part in meeting the priority for sustainable design, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.  Don and his crew worked with Ray Smith, certified energy advisor when building a new home on Alder Street in Creston, BC.  When the building project was completed, the house was assessed an ENERGUIDE number of 85, which relatively few houses achieve and it represents one of the most energy efficient houses on the market.

Some of the emerging technologies for building energy efficient homes include:

  • Solar hot water
  • Photo voltaic electric generation
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Geoexchange and other heat pump technologies
  • Non-potable on-site water treatment and re-use
  • Structural insulated panels

It will not be long before every house being sold will be tested and given an ENERGUIDE rating.  That will tell the buyer now energy efficient the home is.  Home buying will become much like buying a new car.  New home purchasers will be asking themselves, "Will this home cost me $200 or $50 per month to run?"  Over the course of ten years these new energy efficiencies will add up to some significant savings.


This new home an ENERGY STAR rated, solar ready house. 
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Don and his crew worked with Ray Smith of Kootenay Energy Advisor when building a new home on Alder Street in Creston, BC.


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