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 Distinctive Features

Do we at TB Contractors make mistakes?  The answer is Yes.  But our commitment to you is that we do make it RIGHT!  As your new home builder, we also commit to you our attention to detail.  Below is our list of distinctive features that we do to ensure a quality home:

Professional Engineering.  Each of our homes has received professional geotechnical (when needed) and structural engineering which provides greater security for the homeowner.

Dual Pour on the Foundation.  Security of mind is important when owning a home and accordingly each of our foundations are poured separately from the footings to ensure the cross members on the footing forms are stripped before the foundation is poured thereby doing everything that can be done to ensure a seal between the footing and foundation.

2” x 6” Exterior Wall Studs.  2” x 6” Construction on all exterior walls provides superior strength and construction and facilitates the superior insulation and sound dampening that each of our homes provide. The requirements of the building code (the standard which most builders adhere to) only requires 2” x 4” studs but it is our desire to build a better home so that our homeowners can reap the benefits for as long as they own the homes with lower heating bills and again when they sell by way of a higher resale value.

Superior Insulation.  TBC homes have superior insulation with R20 insulation in all exterior walls and R44 in the attic.  By providing superior insulation packages in our homes our homeowners will benefit by enjoying homes that are more efficient to heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer resulting in lower energy bills. This insulation provides better sound dampening as well.

Insulated & Finished Garages.  Garage walls and ceilings are finished and insulated. We recognize that many people like to work on their vehicles in their garages and we insulate the walls and ceilings to ensure you will be comfortable should you desire to do so. Each garage door is insulated as well.

Reinforced Garage Floors, Driveways & Sidewalks.  Garage floors, driveways and sidewalks are compacted and reinforced with steel before the concrete is poured.

Quality Roofing with High Profile Ridge Caps.  Quality roofs with high profile ridge caps provide attractive looking, long lasting roofs. To ensure that your gutters also last the way they are designed TBC ensures that loose nails are removed from the roof and gutters after the roofs are completed.

Sound Dampening.  Sound dampening around the Master Bedrooms and powder rooms (when appropriate) ensures better livability and enjoyment of your TBC home.

Soaker Tubs Are Insulated.  Extra insulation around the soaker tub ensures better liveability and enjoyment of your TBC home. You can truly enjoy a leisurely soak in these tubs.

All Sub-floors Are Glued & Screwed.  All of the sub-floors have been glued and screwed to minimize the possibility of squeaks in the future.

Quality Painting & Materials.  Attention to detail in this highly visible area is critical in ensuring your ongoing enjoyment of these fine homes. All window sills and millwork is sanded to ensure a finish worthy of these fine homes.

Tasteful Custom Decorating.  Each of TBC’s homes is custom decorated by Don Tilling to ensure that they are tastefully coordinated to provide a universal appeal while at the same time providing more than just a bland blank canvass. Careful coordination of colors, paint, tile, flooring, fireplace finishes, light fixtures, cabinets and countertops ensures that our homes truly provide the feel of having been professionally decorated.

Quality Finishing Detail.  Quality crowns, mouldings, casings and finishing detail. To ensure your home looks the best it possibly can, not only must care be taken in the finishing but quality materials must be used. In addition, we install casings around all closets and wood returns for windows and baseboards throughout – a feature many builders opt not to do

Quality Floor Coverings.  Quality floor coverings throughout the homes are exemplified by the gorgeous hardwood floors through most of the main level and by having tile in the bathrooms and laundry. Quality comes at a price but these floors will look great for years in the future.

A Commitment To Service.  A service program you can count on. Shortly before you take possession of your new TBC home, we will lead you through a detailed, room-by-room orientation. During your orientation you will get a chance to have all your questions answered. You will inspect every room of the home to look for any deficiencies or items that need repair. These will be addressed immediately, so you can move into a home that satisfies you 100%! Your complete satisfaction is our goal and accordingly we look after you from the time you buy until well after you have settled into your TBC home.

Warranty Support.  Aviva Insurance Company of Canada ensures peace of mind through ongoing warranty support.  Each of TBC’s homes come with a National Home Warranty with comprehensive coverage including: A one-year warranty against defects in materials and labour; A two-year warranty against defects in the major systems in your home, the exterior cladding and the Building Code; A five-year warranty for any building envelope defects; A ten-year warranty for any structural defects.

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