We specialize in Western Red Cedar.  We do not carry any other types of lumber.  Our products include dimensional lumber of various grades and sizes, either smooth or rough cut.

TB Contractors uses TB Cedar Products when building new homes or renovating existing homes.  Click here to visit the TB Contractors website for more photos of new home construction and renovation projects that use beautiful Western Red Cedar from TB Cedar Products.
In addition to a wide variety of lumber, we also manufacture products for which cedar is most suitable such as gazebos, garden sheds, planters and outdoor furniture such as tables and benches.  We can also provide you with the materials for your own projects or create something from beautiful Western Coastal Red Cedar to your specifications.  Also cedar is a great product for enhancing signs and we provide a variety of frames, baseboards and trims.  With the popularity of organic products, growers prefer cedar for fence posts because they are not treated with harmful chemicals.  We carry 4x4 posts and landscape ties in various lengths.  As an addition to your landscape needs, we also offer cedar shavings which repels insects and weeds when used as mulch. Services

At TB Cedar Products, we want to help you get the most from the lumber that you purchase from us. 

Our services include design, delivery and installation of decks, sheds, gazebos and any other cedar project. 

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Dimensional Lumber
Two Bys 2"x2"  2"x4"  2"x6"  2"x8"   2"x10"
Boards 1"x6"  1"x8"
We offer smooth (planed) face and rough cut lumber.  We also will custom plane or cut at your request.
Dimensional lumber
Siding 8" and 10" Bevel Siding
6", 8" and 10" Channel Siding
Cedar siding
Fencing Picket, Dog Eared or Square Top
Cedar fencing
Trim Baseboards, Accents, Moulding
 Cedar trim, moulding, baseboards, accents
Clear Interior Paneling 3" Tongue & Groove and Channel
 Cedar paneling
Complement your garden area with a gorgeous cedar deck.  It's low maintenance and looks fantastic.  Don't settle for treated wood or fake wood products!
Our attractive, hand-made benches are getting rave reviews from our customers.  Our unique design ensures each bench offers 'uber comfort' with light-weight ruggedness.  These "universal" benches work great indoors and outdoors as well.  Accent any room in your house with any of our unique styles and models.  Drop by our showroom to experience the pleasure and comfort of these special creations. Cedar bench
This cedar stool is versatile and may also be used as an end table.  We also have in stock our unique coffee table which compliments this end table.  Experience them as a set of three to create a unique setting in your living room.
Enhance your signage with cedar posts and framing.  This adds a stylish, finishing touch that makes the signs quite eye catching. Cedar sign frame and cedar posts
Accent your garden with a Western Red Cedar bridge.  An eye pleasing,  rich looking addition to any area! Cedar bridge
An appealing alternative to the ordinary picnic table, our hexagonal outdoor tables are available stained or unstained, your choice! Picnic table
Our cedar sheds would be a great addition to any garden.  They are modular in design and can be assembled on your property by our staff.  Site preparation, delivery and assembly are available.  Call us today to custom build one for you.
Cedar garden shed
This gorgeous cedar chest is great for storing many items.
This versatile open cedar cabinet may be used as an end table.
A cedar planter is a beautiful accent piece for any area.
A striking two shelf plant stand is sturdy enough to hold potted plants and would look great indoors or out.
Cedar plant stand
Bring us your designs or ideas for outdoor furniture.  Picnic table
A Western Red Cedar archway can enhance your yard. Archway