Our Mission

Our Company exists to provide exceptional building services to our customers, to create wealth for those who labour within the company and to promote character growth and maturity in the lives of others.


From Humble Beginnings

TB Contractors began serving the Creston Valley in 2006, when Don Tilling moved his family out of the city of Langley. TBC began by building spec homes, but quickly gained a reputation for building with integrity and attention to detail. With this reputation, TBC moved into the custom home market.

In 2011, Adam Koenig joined the team and took over as Operations Manager. Adam is a Red Seal carpenter with decades of experience in the construction industry, and a strong commitment to staying informed and engaged with the latest building technologies.

Adam and his wife, Jen, are now part owner of TBC, and are an integral part of TBC’s future. With strong ownership and a highly trained team of tradesmen, TBC is well positioned to continue serving the Creston Valley as one of its top contractors.

Providing Service

Providing Service is the cornerstone of our business. We strive to fulfill and exceed our customer’s expectations by consistently holding ourselves to high standards. Our goal is to treat each customer as we ourselves would be treated and our motto is “If it matters to you it matters to us.” We are convinced that success lies in giving our customers superior quality for less cost than our competitors.

Creating Wealth

Creating Wealth is the result of good service being rendered. We desire that all those who work within our company would be materially blessed. We believe that wealth is good, for both personal enjoyment and for the Service of God and our fellow man. Because of this belief, we labour towards operating a company which is consistently profitable.

Promoting Character Growth

Promoting character growth and maturity is our aspiration. We seek to enrich the lives of others and we are committed to taking a true interest in our fellow workers, customers and suppliers. We desire the best for them in all areas of their lives.

High Performance, Sustainable Building

The BCBC is getting greener. And new construction in BC is subject to new regulations aimed at lowering energy and water use. TBC is active in remaining at the head of the industry as new, greener, practices emerge. We believe in a holistic approach to building; One that carefully accounts for a customer’s needs through energy efficiency and quality craftsmanship, while remaining conscious of the environment.

Major legislation changes will challenge traditional builders, and a major shift in building practices will be required. TBC has prioritized these values from the beginning. And we are already building homes meeting BC’s future most stringent requirements.

Through partnership with energy advisors and industry experts, TBC has the resources needed to construct homes ready for the needs of the future.

Meet Our Team

Don Tilling


After receiving his Painting & Decorating Certification in 1994, Don worked in the painting industry as part owner of Remdal Painting & Restoration. In 2006, Don moved his family out of the Lower Mainland and started TB Contractors.

Adam Koenig

Operations Manager

Adam received his Red Seal certification in 2008. After years of running his own construction company, Adam joined the TBC team in 2011. As Operations Manager, Adam oversees all of our custom home and renovation projects.

Justin Sandwell


Justin received his Red Seal certification in 2013. After working in the construction industry in Calgary, Justin moved to Creston in 2017 and joined the TBC team.

Bill Hollis

Red Seal Carpenter

Todd Riegling

Red Seal Carpenter

Jason Stonehouse


Industry Partners


3-D Concrete

Ryan Dueck

Ryan and his team do most of the concrete placement and finishing on our projects.

Draxlir Plumbing & Building Isaac Draxlir

Isaac not only does our plumbing, but our heating & cooling systems, as well. He’s also a pleasure to work with.

Trowels Edge Drywall

Devin West

Devin has been doing our drywall for years. Devin does amazing work, and he’s after perfection!

Sullivan Stone

Carl & Mark Dueck

Our reliable concrete supplier.

Hansen’s Excavating & Developments

Blair Hansen

Blair is the ultimate professional.

Big Tree Electrical

Forrest Demman

Forrest is a highly competent electrician dedicated to providing amazing customer service.


KT-J Design

Katie-Faye Jenkins

Mayoh Design

Leigh Mayoh

Ridgeline Drafting & Design

Vern Pugh

Studio 9 Architecture + Planning

Steven Kaup

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