One of our core principles at TBC is resiliency. We strive to build homes and communities that will endure the test of time. This means good stewardship of both your resources and the planet’s: building efficient homes that are in accordance with your budget. We geek out on building science and things like insulation to build comfortable, healthy, and sustainable homes.



Let us build you a warm and cozy place to enjoy during Creston’s winters. Our company specializes in three technologies that matter: high performance windows, insulated concrete formwork, and superior air tightness. You want to enjoy a view out your window of the Selkirk Mountains – you don’t want to feel a cold draft from that window. That’s why we use triple-paned glass and thermally insulated frames in our houses.

Similarly, we build many of our basements and walls using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) so that your home will retain heat during the winter and stay cool during the summer. While the ICF is invisible in the finished home, it will mean that your walls will be warm to the touch even in the depths of winter. These insulated walls and windows also mean that your home will be quiet even if you’re on a busy street (although we don’t have many of those in Creston).

We pay attention to detail during the construction process and test all of our homes for any air leaks. We make sure there won’t be any drafts and that you save money on your heating bills in the winter.



This is a home that you will spend years enjoying and maybe even raising your kids or grandchildren in. That’s why we make sure the air that does come into your home is fresh and clean. Many older homes are either leaky, have no fresh air intake, or don’t filter the air very well. At TBC, we install Energy Recovery Ventilators with MERV 13 filters. That means we recycle the heat from the house but keep the air streams separate so the system brings in fresh air that’s free of smoke and pollen.

As wildfire seasons have gotten worse, this has become more important than ever. Having a well-insulated and well-ventilated home ensures good air quality and keeps out cold drafts, dust, and pests.



We want to build you a place that endures – where memories are made and passed from generation to generation. We take a holistic approach to sustainability – making sure that this is a quality structure that is efficient and keeping your future energy bills as low as possible (something often overlooked in a mortgage). We are mindful of resources: both financial and environmental.

When possible, we source local materials to support our community and limit the embodied carbon of the home. For almost two decades, TBC has been at the forefront of sustainable building practices even before the British Columbia Building Code required it. We build step 3 to 5 homes meaning they are on the path to net-zero energy and self-sufficiency.

Beyond the home itself, we want to build a truly sustainable community. Our company shares profits with our employees, we fund training programs for our workers, and support the people and place that we call home.


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