Your home, made beautiful in Creston.

We consider building your dream home a privilege, one that demands our highest level of quality work, attention to detail, and care.

High Performance, Sustainable Building

Sustainable building is all about combatting rising energy costs through efficiency. And when it comes to caring about our clients, and our environment, we believe there is no other way to build. Which is why sustainable building is at the core of what we do.


Our Company exists to provide exceptional building services to our customers, to create wealth for those who labour within the company and to promote character growth and maturity in the lives of others.


We feel honoured that our clients trust us with their dream homes.

We understand that building a home is one of the most expensive and exciting things you will ever do; a process that can be riddled with the stress of decisions and finances.

At TBC, we’re dedicated to mitigating stress wherever possible. And we’re here to walk with you every step of the way: answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

Our goal is simply this: Let’s build your dream home and have a blast doing it!


Nothing stays the same. And when it comes to your home, this is definitely true.

With home renovations, TBC begins by building a budget. A budget that accommodates both your vision and your bottom line. Renovations always come with surprises. However, TBC is committed to minimizing the unexpected. And taking your time with planning and exploration, before the renovation starts, is key!


With you and your family’s and all the crew’s integrity, honesty, professionalism, construction knowledge, local contacts and just plain hard and honest work ethic, it has been a pleasure to work with all of you to bring this project to fruition.


They said we would have fun, and we did. If we weren’t sure what we wanted, they had great suggestions. And if we “thought” we knew what we wanted, they helped us make a better choice. When Todd came to do the finishing work, we put a lot of pressure on him, as we kept telling him, “make it look nice”. Did he ever…still in awe when we look at his work.


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We're your #1 custom home builder with decades of custom home building and renovation experience.

Proudly serving Creston and the surrounding region, including: Alice Siding, Erickson, Canyon, Arrow Creek, Lister, Huscroft, Wynndel, Rykerts, McConnel, Kitchener.

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